Get your Sh*t Together

get-your-shit-together- book

What can you say when your 9 year old is gifting you this book for your birthday???????

Hilarious, that was my first thought.

Is priceless when your kid realises reading is your biggest passion and buys you a book. Obviously, I can pat myself on the shoulder and be proud of the terrific education I have provided.

But Get your sh●t together book????

That makes me think what if my 9 year old realised already that I don’t have my sh●t together and I need some guidance on what to do? I hope he is not going to figure out yet that adults periodically lose their sh●t, including his perfectly imperfect mum.

Could be my ever present constant sarcasm and colourful vocabulary and he picked up on my wonderful manners and acts accordingly?

I don’t know if I should be proud or worried?

As an eternal optimist, I am proud. I am proud that my kid knows me well and he bought a thoughtful gift. He is just 9, which is super impressive.


He told me that he loved the title, but in the same time he looked inside and that is not a traditional self-help book with tips for scat play. He read that it was a delightfully profane one-stop shop for tidying your mind and making your life easier and better. Very thoughtful indeed!

I already started reading the book, I am halfway through and find it funny, colourful and helpful. Already got few tips that I will share with my son who wanted me to sum it up for him before he decides if he wants to read it or not.

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What’s even more impressive, is that he bought for himself Stephen Hawking’s book Brief Answers to the Big Questions: Is there God? How did it all begin? Can we predict the future? What is inside a black hole? Is there other intelligent life in the universe? How do we shape the future? Should we colonise space? Etc.

That was his own gift to himself, his birthday being two days after mine. Impressive!

I think he already got his sh●t together for this stage in his life!

Click here to get the book from Bookdepository: or from Amazon:

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